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The Patriot coin has been created to benefit veterans and allows donations to be made digitally through the purchase of The Patriot Coin and The Patriot Digital Wallet, Allowing millions of caring people worldwide to show their support and admiration for veterans online securely.


Thank them for their service

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The Patriot Coin

Thank them for their service

The Patriot Coin was created to help veterans.

We believe in America and the we believe that the honor, loyalty and sacrifice the fine men and women of the United States Armed Forces have given to us and the world means they shall not fade away.

The Patriot coin has been created to benefit veterans and allows donations to be made digitally through the purchase of The Patriot Coin and The Patriot Digital Wallet, Allowing millions of caring people worldwide to show their support and admiration for veterans online securely.

We pledge to do everything within our power to make The Patriot Coin the digital way to show support for our veterans, the digital way to thank them for their service.

The Patriot Coin has the following to offer:

A maximum of 800 Million Coin volume

Built on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

An experienced and dynamic production team with demonstrated technical know-how.

Landmark opportunity to digitally donate to the United States Armed Forces.

The Patriot Coin Team

The Patriot Coin was created by a patriotic team of individuals who have donated their time and know-how to ensure that veterans benefitted from the increased interest in digital currency.

Our core development team are experts within the fields of cryptography, cryptocurrency & Software development who have committed to a project they believe in deeply. Through 18 months of vigorous  testing and development on the project they have succeeded in creating The Patriot Coin.

This combined level of expertise gives us the confidence in creating a donation platform that will be superior to all existing solutions used around the world and the bench mark for others to aim for.

After successfully gaining the required funds from the coin crowdsale to support the launch of The Patriot Coin, our band of developers are willing and able to leave their current jobs and announce their intent to work on The Patriot Coin on a full-time basis.

Why Invest In The Patriot Coin?

The Patriot Coin is a sound investment as it does not just rely on technology or mass adoption to be successful, The Patriot Coin is about finding support for our veterans. This support leads to a greater demand, and demand leads to an increased valuation of The Patriot Coin and creates more reasons to use for supporters to use it. As we grow and increase market awareness, more demand is created and the valuation rises higher and so does the donations to our veterans.

As The Patriot Coin cannot be converted into US dollars for six months, it is in the charities best interest to support & promote their partnership with The Patriot Coin and adopt The Patriot Coin as a method of donation. Every donation made and partnership made adds more support to The Patriot Coin, creating more awareness and further adoption of The Patriot Coin.

With The Patriot Coin, you are investing in your future & giving back to our veterans.

The Patriot Coin is the first of its kind Cryptocurrency to directly impact the US military veterans, a non-profit organization that is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of The Patriot Coin.

The Patriot coin can be purchased by donors using bitcoin or Ethereum, The Patriot Coin can be held in in any Ethereum capable digital wallet. Once the donor buys The Patriot Coin they gain access to the heroes repository, a purpose built database that allows the donor to choose where their donation are to be sent..  

Initially these will include;

Rehabilitation programs

Education and training

Specific state/city/town charities

Legal Aid

Hospital & Medical

Our short term strategy

Our objectives are largely defined by the funds raised during our coin Crowdsale.



The Patriot Coin to be listed on the major cryptocurrency exchanges by March 2018. Have donated 50% of the funds raised from the ICO to charities by the end of June 2018. Have partnered with scores of like-minded businesses who wish to support veterans and integrate The Patriot Coin as a method of donation throughout 2018.

Expand our donor options to the Police, Fire & EMS charities.

Launch mobile application for donor ease of use.



Launch an early whisper campaign designed to build trust and awareness, supporting The Patriot Coin. PR stunts, tv and press interviews about fundraising activity.

Engage donors through both digital and traditional medias.

Capture the imagination of the social media network, through targeted and segmented communications.

Our long term vision



To donate more than $500 Million to veterans, police, fire & EMS charities in need.

Become a market leader for donations.

Be adopted as a method of payment by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Increase development team to allow for dedicated teams to create payment widgets for ease of integration with our charity partners.

Create easy donate stations worldwide so anyone can give anywhere.



Create buzz through multiple online channels, press & television.

Influence online usage via digital channels and social media network.

Increase PR activity to engage donors.

Drive joint venture and affinity partners program to adopt The Patriot Coin widget.

Recruit brand ambassadors to further drive awareness of The Patriot Coin.

Lobby global charity groups to adopt The Patriot Coin.

The Patriot Coin Crowdsale

We are raising funds via a coin Crowdsale and allowing investors a chance to purchase The Patriot Coin in advance of it being listed on the various exchanges.


The Patriot Coin will be holding its token sale on January 7th 2017, running until the initial coin block is purchased or by March 7th 2018.


A total of 800 Million Patriot Coins will be available.


The Patriot Coin price:

The Patriot Coin will be accepted to purchase by Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)


Rate is as follows 3.5 ETH = 0.14 BTC = 10,000 of The Patriot Coins. (Avg $0.10c per coin)


The Patriot Coin will be available to investors prior to the general public, investors will be able to purchase coins by Ethereum or Bitcoin.



If you have another cryptocurrency and wish to invest, please use you chosen cryptocurrency exchange to convert to either Ethereum or Bitcoin to participate in The Patriot Coin Crowdsale.

How The Patriot Coin crowdsale funds will be used.

  • 50% - Donated To Veterans

  • 20% - Development

  • 10% - Functional Costs

  • 20% - PR & Marketing

The purchased tokens will also be donatable directly to the charites

The Patriot Coin Road Map

  • May 2016

    Nov 2017

    Stage 1 Research & Development - Completed

    During this stage, we developed the block-chain and defined the vision of The Patriot Coin

  • Jan 2018

    Mar 2018

    Stage 2 Coin Crowdsale

    The start of The Patriot Coin crowd sale need for donations to veterans & funding the development and marketing required to drive donations.

  • Mar 2018

    Dec 2018

    Stage 3 The Patriot Coin drive

    The Patriot Coin is launched to the general public. Marketing drive begins to gain donations and start to Thank them for their service.

  • Commencing Jan 2019

    Stage 4 Hit goal of $500 million in donations.

    Drive initiatives through business partnerships & easy donate stations to achieve long-term goal of $500 million for veterans

Exchange Listings

We will be applying to the list of exchanges below initially. We will update the application status for each exchange as and when we get their responses.

Below are some of the charities that we will be donating to. More to be added shortly

Our Charities

And More...